A serious comment

By The Stratfordian | May 3, 2020

Let me make a serious comment for a moment, The Stratfordian is getting a bit fed up with posts appearing on various Social Media suggesting that we should somehow let the Government ‘off the hook’. These posts are pushing the ridiculous idea that we should stop criticising Government Policy and basically let them get on… Read More »

Stratford upon Avon Town Council to introduce new yellow ‘body parts’ bin

By The Stratfordian | April 29, 2020

THIS POST NOT ADVISED FOR PEOPLE OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION. It has just been announced that Stratford Town Council are to introduce a new yellow ‘body parts’ bin. A spokesman for the council refuse department, Silas Bucket told The Stratfordian today that… ‘The service fills a huge gap in the market. It will cater for… Read More »

HMP Debenhams?

By The Stratfordian | April 22, 2020

Stratford upon Avon Councillors are refusing to confirm or deny rumours that a top security prison is to be built on the site of the recently vacated Debenhams store in the heart of the town. Residents are asking the question, HMP Debenhams? Is it possible? Questioned by the Stratfordian on whether or not there was… Read More »

Stratford upon Avon man goes for World ‘Holding Breath Underwater’ Record

By The Stratfordian | April 18, 2020

[bctt tweet=”mad as box of frogs” username=”thestratfordian”]Not many people know this but the world ‘holding breath underwater’ record is held by Aleix Segura Vendrell from Spain. A free diver, he held his breath in Barcelona for 24 mins 3.45 secs on the 28th Feb 2016. When that news got back to Stratford upon Avon Man… Read More »

How to Bunker Down Good

By The Stratfordian | April 7, 2020

So here we all are, actually, really (but not literally) in the same boat. Except it’s not the mighty ocean and indifferent winds that we have to contend with, it’s ourselves and our enforced and collective desire that if we have to bunker down, let’s make sure we know how to bunker down good. We,… Read More »