The Curmudgeon Times. Issue 2.

‘He is a very naughty boy’.

the curmudgeon times issue 2


THE FUTURE. venting spleen

I know it’s not like me, but I wanted to start on a bit of a serious note for this edition of The Curmudgeon Times.

I wanted to talk about the uncomfortable issue of what I see as, (if things don’t change), the coming of Vigilantism.


It’s strange what sets these things off but, in this case, it was hearing about my old school in Bristol being given a low rating.  And reading that staff and pupils are actually afraid of turning up. I was shocked but not surprised.  There was my old school, somehow always surviving in the middle of a rough housing estate finally crumbling under the onslaught of I guess, bad parenting, and the lack of respect. (Note: I wasn’t the perfect schoolboy when I was there, but the one thing we all had was, RESPECT. We knew where the line was drawn and knew not to step over it. Common sense, I think it was called).


This got me to thinking, (once I had got the thoughts of being an ‘Old Fart etc’ out of the way – and realising that age does not come into it), thinking about the way society appears to be going. And how what can only be seen as a decline (for that is what it is), can be halted.

I’m afraid and maybe a little ashamed to say my (angry) thoughts turned to vigilantism.

I hate to say this but taking into consideration how the administration of law and order seems to be crumbling before our very eyes, I can see us heading in that direction. All it will take is a few determined members of the Community who have had enough and feel like they been pushed too far, to take matters/the law into their own hands.

Of course, the very suggestion of vigilantism is in itself a move toward breaking the law, but when I look around me and note the element of fear and confusion that seems to be (growing?) in society and local communities in general, a fight-back of some kind, seems to be on the cards. With nothing in place to have confidence in, I have to ask, what is the alternative?

I think that at the moment people are of the mind that the Police are failing in their duty of care.

That they (the police), to put it bluntly, cannot protect us as they should. Anecdotal accounts continue to grow, highlighting more and more instances where the authorities do not respond as they should to our distress. In short, many are coming to the conclusion that the forces of Law and Order are not there for us.

Many believe that the Police are so hampered by monetary restraints and changes in policy that they (the police) see themselves as something different to what we (the general public) think/hope they are. In other words, how the Police see themselves does not align with the perception of the general public.

Sadly, some might even say, they are no longer to be relied on. A perception that will of course have devastating consequences.

To be clear…

If this perception of the police and their lack of fulfilling their duty is correct in its assumptions, then it will not be long before some members of the public see taking the law into their own hands as the only alternative. And who can blame them for don’t desperate needs require desperate measures?

Let me also make clear, I am not advocating a move towards Vigilantism, I am warning of possible things to come if certain sections of the community, official or otherwise, do not pull their socks up.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear what my readers think.


Anyway…moving on…

There were a couple of moments this week that really took the breath away in their audacity and bare-faced cheek.

The first one has to be the farewell/good riddance ‘celebration’ of the one and only Stratford upon Avon’s MP (Mostly Pathetic), Nadhim Zahawi.

It was hard to believe that we were witnessing the departure of a man who was had up twice. Once for illegal Horse-Warming and once for tax evasion. From the pictures in the Stratford upon Avon Herald you would be forgiven if you thought you were witnessing the departure of a Hero.

[Although to be fair to all his smiling acolytes in the pictures coming from Stratford Football club, I suspect the grins/grimaces were ones of relief and the realisation that they perhaps now, might be able to get on with the job unhindered by the continual accusations of dodginess].

As I predicted Mr Zahawi now moves on to pastures anew. He goes to the boardroom in the sky where all of his ilk end. A place where money flows like water. Where the urge and need for power is sated and wielded with no major come backs.

And in his spare time, for a free meal and a tidy sum he can tell tall tales on the Dinner-Speech Circuit.


The Other One who is living the ‘Life of Riley’ is ‘let them eat shit Mrs Garfield’.  The Severn Trent water Authority Boss and Controller of Poo.

She has popped (pooped) up to defend her multi-million pound pay packet that despite her company’s shit shovelling activities having risen by a third over 2023, she still gets.

I actually don’t really want to say too much more about this well-rewarded shit-shoveller except to say, I want JUSTICE.

I want the incoming Government of Keir Starmer to deal with people like her. I want Keir to not be afraid and take to task the leaders of the major utilities that FAIL.

No more enriching bonuses for the leaders of these organisations. And certainly not while the people (US) who have no choice but to use their services, suffer. It’s simple really.

On to some Brighter News.

While Stratford upon Avon’s High Street suffers like every other High Street in the country with extremely high business rates leading to empty shops, there is light on the horizon.

A new business is to be welcomed to fill the Black Hole scenario that is threatening to consume the shopping experience here in S-on-A, and it’s something we desperately need… A Bubble Tea Shop. (Would it be too much to ask that they could rebrand it ‘Ye Olde Hubble-Bubble Tea Shoppe’)?

The Grumpire.

The Curmudgeon Times. Issue 1.

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