Should she awake
what do I say?
How do I explain
I’ve never been that far away?
Should she awake
what to explain?
that nothing’s that different
it stays much the same?
Should she awake
and find me here
What do I say to make things clear?
That the dead they never really die?
To say it’s a dream’  would be a lie.
Or say,
Just close your eyes, and let it be
Allow a smile and think, of me.


Jog on.

The head says
‘Go, swim upstream
Go somewhere,
where you’ve never been
Meet people that you’ve never seen.
Or, stay sitting there in a dream’.

The head says,
‘You know that life’s too short
death’s catching up and you will be caught
and all life’s hard battles that you bravely fought
will stand before you meaning, naught.
There’s not much time you’d better run
things to see, tastes for the tongue.
Gird your loins
Feel that Zest…what was that?
A pain in your chest?
Oh dear, so sad and lackaday
Sorry Chum,
too late,
you’re on your way.

The Difficult Thing.

The difficult thing about Living
is accepting just who you are
Just a bloke – one of the folk
not a celeb and never a star.

You’ll never say anything important
the only thing you’ll change is a fuse.
No-one gives a fig on your ‘outcomes’
and everyone feigns deaf at your views.

The difficult thing about living
is you were dealt the wrong hand at cards
ace is not high – you’re living a lie
so, life for you will be hard.

You’ll never do anything special
that cloud always floats overhead.
You’re a plain stuck-in-the-mud kind of fellow
Let’s face it, you’d be better off DEAD.



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