Welcome to Stratford upon Avon and The Stratfordian’s Blog (MKII)

stratford upon avonOnce again welcome to Stratford upon Avon and the Stratfordian’s blog. If you have been following me for some time you will notice a change.

I have decided to start again. The Stratfordian site was getting a bit overcrowded and I felt it needed a make-over. Plus the fact that there were a few new things that I wanted to try. So here we are with…nothing. not a lot. But please be patient and continue to follow me, this blog only exists because of you and if you leave I’m done and dusted.

So, for any new readers or those who don’t know, this is a webpage coming from Stratford-upon-Avon  in Warwickshire, UK. Which as you know (?) is famous for William Shakespeare who lived and died here. In fact he’s buried at Holy Trinity Church just up the road.


Such is his influence also just up the road…stratford upon avon

(Stratford upon Avon is very small) is a blooming huge theatre dedicated to showing off everything the bard wrote, which wasn’t actually all that much, (37 plays + one or two more helping out his mates).

Unfortunately The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is having, (like theatres throughout the land) a bit of a bad time at the moment because of Covid 19, so there is in fact nothing on, although they have taken my advice and put some outside theatre on.

(Interestingly, Shakespeare is not unfamiliar with episodes of disease interrupting his creative output but that’s another story).

I got the idea of writing this blog because apart from the need to found new outlets for my writing, I wanted to comment on this odd little town and give anyone who was interested some idea of what it was like to live in a town that was (in my view) consumed by tourism.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the place.

Stratford upon Avon has given me all sorts of opportunities, opened doors for me and introduced me to all sorts of strange and wonderful people. I have no regrets since arriving from Bristol all those years ago (wondering as I looked over the town from the back of a bus, ‘what the hell is this backwater’), I’ve enjoyed myself, got married and had kids here (something in the air?)

I’ve also wondered, in no particular order, ‘Where’s our bypass?’. ‘What does it takes to improve the place?’ ‘Why doesn’t someone do something’? And…‘forget Shakespeare, what about the residents’?

NO apologies for my moaning and groaning but because I love the place. And if there are to be any changes then I want them to be for the better. Hence, Welcome to the Stratfordian’s blog – my mouthpiece. Saying that you should know that a lot of what I write is tongue in cheek and written because I think it’s funny. You may not but because The Stratfordian is my blog-I do.

Anyway, please join me as I continue to moan and groan.

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I look forward to hearing from you. So, to sum up, I shall be fiddling around for a week or two trying to get things just right. If you have any ideas I would appreciate it if you would tell me. Just email me (above).

One other thing, The Stratfordian’ blog costs me money so you will see an ad now again appearing on its pages. Please have a look and if you do buy anything I will receive a small commission that helps me to keep The Stratfordian going,




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