Water off a duck’s back – ‘No Zahawi No’

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It’s become obvious to me lately, that as much as I make fun or complain about our MP for Stratford upon Avon, Nadhim Zahawi, it’s water off a duck’s back. The man has achieved every Tories dream. Not only the jellied profile and weight gain of a very rich man but also the ability to ignore everything around him. Which includes the voices of the people he is supposed to represent.

The man is not only an outstanding ‘brown-noser’ he also appears to have a charmed life. Not only did he survive ‘The Scandal of the warm horses’. His signature continues to appear on every what I call, ‘*Kill your Granny’ Bill that the Tories can leech out from Parliament, without consequence. Complain? And you guessed it. Nothing. Like I said, water off a duck’s back.

*Kill your Granny’ Bill explanation.

A bill that is passed in Parliament that appears to defy all logic. For instance, A Bill that might suggest that anyone over 70 was banned from catching a bus on the basis that they could die at any moment. Or, A Bill that says if part of the structure of the Houses of Parliament were to fall off and crush a passing bus full of schoolchildren, there would be no compensation because it was the centre of Government and therefore immune to mishap or mistake. Stupid and nonsensical.

The latest list that he appears on is a list of 307 MP’S who actually voted down the list of Fire Safety Reforms set out in the Grenfell inquiry. There’s his name in alphabetical order, last on the list. One can almost see his fat, greasy hand gripping the quill, signing the damn thing.

If you want another example, there’s the list of 72 MP’S who voted against making rented homes Fit for Human Habitation. Strangely enough, all 72 landlords themselves. And guess what? There he is. Last on the list, Nadhim Zahawi. There are other examples.

I must be naïve because I just don’t get it. Year after year this kind of uncaring and unbelievable behaviour comes to the fore and he’s not the only one. And still he gets voted back in.

Our only hope here in Stratford upon Avon is that the man reaches the top of his own personal mountain. That his ambition comes to fruition. That he will be made Minister of Something or Other. A position that hopefully takes him far, far away. An office in the bowels of Parliament would be nice. A place where he can shout ‘Do you know who I am? at his staff, without disturbing the rest of us.

Thanks for your point of view. Much appreciated.

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