Trump to be awarded the Freedom of Stratford upon Avon

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020

DJ TrumpThe White House greeted the news that President Trump could be awarded the Freedom of Stratford upon Avon with a statement from the President…

‘I’ve known about this great little town for some time now and Mister Shakespeare is a great, great friend of mine. I’m a great fan of his movies and books especially the one about the guy Ro-may-o who I think he might have based on me. I’ve spoken to William a number of times on the phone although we’re both busy guys. Bill, as I like to call him somehow always manages to find the time to speak to the POTUS, as he likes to call me. He’s a great guy everyone says so. A great guy. With a great family. A great family man. A great guy with a great family, everyone who knows him says so.

Bill mentioned the award some weeks ago, saying he’d put my name forward as one of the best peacemakers of the modern age. He’s right of course as many of you will agree however, I did not expect to win. Bill says I will be able to drive sheep over the Cloppington harbor bridge, which is great, and an honor and a privilege afforded to only a few so I’m told. He’s also promised to introduce me to Stratford’s own stable genius Nazbari Zoocarwe who represents Stratford city in the local parleeement. I got lots of things planned for SOA maybe a golf course, anyway, thank you very much…we will be making an announcement at a later date’.


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