Proposed design for Stratford Traffic Wardens

Olaf La Strange designer of the new Stratford upon Avon Traffic Wardens uniform,was in shock today when Traffic Wardens in the Stratford area voted conclusively to reject the new design.
Mr La Strange told The Stratfordian…



‘I am devastated. I really thought my design based on the uniform of the Vatican Guard would be received with open arms. I was told by people in Local Government that a more bloomer-ed look, which would allow more room to move coupled with wide body length stipes and the Greek Army style shoes, would install a stronger sense of pride and civic duty. Instead my hard work has been widely mocked and derided as…’poncy’’.

(Unfortunately, at this point Mr La Strange became emotionally overwhelmed and had to call off the interview).

The Stratfordian later received a written statement from the union of Traffic Wardens and Town Security (TWATS) which reads…

‘We understand that a great deal of work has gone into this new design and appreciate all efforts to bring our members hard work across to the public, visually. However, there has been total agreement across the board that the suggested design for the uniform, made us look ridiculous and poncy’.


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