ooo missusHead of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre here in Stratford upon Avon, made it very clear today that wearing tights when acting is not a foregone conclusion nor a necessity.
‘There is a rumour that I would like to dispel concerning the wearing of tights in the theatre’ said a visibly angry Greg Doran, Boss of the RSC. ‘It may have been the done thing many years ago but nowadays our actors can and are indeed encouraged, to wear what they like especially at group rehearsals. It is not unusual to see our thespians clad in all manner of gear, including sleeveless and ripped shirts of the ‘T’ variety, warmers of the leg and body type and all sometimes cheekily topped off with a hat, often worn at a jaunty angle (see below)

rylanceMark Rylance,

The Stratfordian.


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