shit rolling

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about The Insects and what a bad deal they get from us humans.

It seems the smaller you are, the less we (us humans) care about you. SIZE IS everything!

If you’re say, dog-sized and er…a dog you are noticed and either abused or cared for. If you’re even bigger, say Cow-sized and er…a cow, you are definitely noticed and then eaten.

A cow. AFTER
The point I’m trying to make here, is ‘size counts’.

The insect without doubt is abused. And all though we know full well that without them and their huge array of species, we would die, we go on willy, nilly not giving a hoot about them.
Let’s be honest here and admit part of the problem is because the insect on average is ugly. They have more than their fair share of legs and unfortunately for them, consume their food in I think most of us would agree, a rather disgusting manner. Even their love-life is slightly less than appealing. But that is not really the point. They existed on this beautiful planet long before we came along dragging our knuckles in the dust and we have all evolved in our various forms together. So, it figures we should all be getting along OK.

In all fairness, I think we should be forgiven for stepping on them. That, I’m sorry to say, can’t be helped. We are great lumbering beasts with faulty eye sight and large feet. While they, for all their disgusting habits are tiny and extremely fragile. Crushing them, can’t be helped.
However, what I do object to is the way in which we wipe out huge populations of insects, knowingly. It is, in my mind beyond cruel and I suspect one day (as insects evolve) we will pay for it.

An example.

You are a dung beetle….with a dung beetle family who spend their days doing what dung beetles do. Minding their own business.

Father Dung Beetle and Mother Dung Beetle along with their Dung Beetle children spend their Dung Beetle days, rolling giant spheres of shit around all day…and why not. Ours is not to reason why, it’s just something they do and they seem happy and content doing it. BUT.
What nobody tells them is that they live in the middle of a Nuclear Test range and their shit-rolling days are numbered.

In just one short flash of blinding light they are gone. Just so much ash, along with their carefully and patiently constructed balls of shit. Gone. As though they never existed. 

And we (humans) deliver this dung beetle Armageddon without a thought about their and thousands of other insects, well-being.

One day we will pay for this mass murder. Mark my words, one day we will receive an Insect communication, probably on gossamer, upon which one hastily scrawled word will be written in Insect hand/claw. It will say…


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