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I don’t know whether I’m the only one who has noticed, but the longer this Covid 19 thing goes on, the more the population is dividing into ‘Them & Us’. Deniers & Believers. ‘Them’ that believe that Covid 19 is a hoax and ‘Us’ that believe the situation is extremely serious.

The Stratfordian identifies as an ‘Us’.

As with other ‘USes’, I’m someone who is taking the virus seriously. I’m doing as best I can by adhering to social distancing, not going where I shouldn’t and generally trying to not spread the illness. I, like many others, find the efforts I make tedious, boring and in some cases, heart breaking.  I shall be glad when it’s all over. However, I do believe we all have a part to play in looking after our fellow citizens. More than that, I’m wholeheartedly behind doing whatever I can to protect the NHS and its workforce.

The ‘Thems’.

…are starting to come out of the woodwork and thankfully, at the moment, are easily spotted.

[My old mum taught me to ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and I have always tried to adhere by that rule. Luckily for me, that old adage doesn’t apply to the ‘them’ or ‘deniers’ as I like to call them. They are unskilled in the art of disguise. Neither do they understand words like, infiltration’, ‘subterfuge’.  Like their ‘message’ they are blunt and to the point. What you see is what you get. And what you get is a bald fat man in a vest. *See below].

Modus Operandi.

The ‘Thems’ refuse to accept the virus.

The ‘Thems’ are notorious for taking any attempt to lessen the virus’ effects as a personal attack on them. So, ask them to self-isolate and they get very angry and talk a lot about living (or dying) in ‘a Free Country’.

If figures are produced that prove people are dying in large numbers from the disease, they will counter your proof by pointing out ‘that people die all the time’.  This of course, means nothing but is what I call their ‘cover-all-instances’ ploy.

If you state that as an ‘Us’ you are following the rules and trying to protect the NHS, they (‘the thems’) tend to get confused and try as they may, cannot make the connection.

The ‘Thems’, and this as yet goes unexplained, *tend to resemble the ‘lower end’ of the football supporters brotherhood. They are usually shaven headed (actually the majority are bald and shave what’s left to give the impression that they had hair to start with). They are fat, heavily (and badly) tattooed and shout a lot.

Most of them, and this is important, like to let it be known that they are graduates of the ‘University of Life’ (there is no record of this Learned Body ever existing). They apparently make this claim in an effort to appear learned and wise, which due to their demeaner and lack of language skills fails dismally.

Another strange quirk is the odd fact that some of this very vocal group suffer from the common delusion that they fought in World War II (believed to be caused by over-consumption of drink and/or drugs). It is not unusual to hear them talking/shouting about, ‘standing alone’, or loudly invoking ‘the spirit of Dunkirk’. The more damaged amongst them will go so far as to mention the Somme.

As this plague continues eating through the population in every varying leaps and bounds, it becomes increasingly obvious that the ‘Thems’ are not going to go away. That they themselves are a symptom of Covid 19 is clear.

We must pray for a vaccine.


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