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Them and Us

them and us, Them and Us,

Just popped round the shop to get my beloved Herald (cough) and upon reading the front page, nearly had a heart attack. Gone was the usual ‘Man’s hat blows off in High Street’ fare, to be replaced with the alarming and unbelievable them and us type headline…


I mean to say, what kind of brain wakes up in the morning, in the midst of a Pandemic and all the hardships that, that  brings, and thinks…’I know, today would be a great day to put forward a pay rise for Local Councillors’.

My blood pressure was just coming down from the news of a few days ago that MP’S were going to get a three Grand boost to their pay packets when blow me, the same thing happens but this time closer to home. OK, not as much money on offer here but for the life of me what IDIOT thinks that now would be a good time. When the only people doing good business are the food banks, the undertakers and the NHS.

History (France) tells us, that if you start messing around with the general populace, nasty things can happen and those wheels you can hear rumbling on the cobblestones, is the sound of the guillotine being brought out of cold storage. I wish.

Speaking as a paid-up member of the populace, I have to ask, what has happened to (them and)us? Where has the spirit of revolution gone and why do we let those in power walk all over us? What has changed since 1789?

[If you are wondering if I am asking for a return to those heady days or to put it another way, ‘Am I advocating Violence?’, let me just say, ‘almost’. Surely, this can’t go on. And thinking about it, we made short work of the Poll Tax….]

Perhaps more importantly, who do these people (MP’S etc) think they are? We’ve caught them out before and what did they do?

They blindsided us by appointing a so-called ‘Independent Committee’ to do the dirty work of awarding pay rises. The thing is (I don’t know if you noticed), but nothing changed. They, the privileged few still got their pay rises. It just looked a lot better.  As though the decision was coming from someone else, when in fact it was just smoke and mirrors and nothing changed.

When our people on the Front Line, nurses, care workers etc are so absolutely in need of much more money just to survive and instead it goes to those who already earn (through many sources outside of Parliament) what many would see as a fortune, something is wrong. Very, very wrong. In short, THE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT.

Although I’m sure your average citizen would agree with me that there is mischief afoot, your average citizen has been so brainwashed that he or she haven’t got the faintest idea, (apart from waiting for the next General Election), of how to deal with such an outrageous injustice.

Perhaps a letter to your local MP?

OK, if you want platitudes. Our multi-millionaire MP has already stated that should he get the pay rise he will donate it to the local hospice.

Not good enough Saint Zahawi, you should be girding your ample loins and standing up in Parliament to denounce the whole fiasco. You should be representing your constituents. Not your usual kow-towing to your Masters.

I’m sick of it.

I can’t believe that even without the dreaded Covid we would still have people on the breadline who cannot afford to feed their children. How they must feel seeing these fat cats stuffing their wallets I don’t know. It’s like a medieval Baronial system where the peasants are taxed to the hilt so the landowners can continue to live a life of luxury.

It’s a total and absolute disgrace and I am ashamed of the UK and the Parliamentary system and the majority of those who work in it.


Thanks for your point of view. Much appreciated.

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