The world’s greatest playwright – William Shakespeare

Personally, I’m all for Stratford upon Avon celebrating the birth of the world’s greatest playwright, William Shakespeare.  (460 this year).

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‘Will Shakespeare came to me in a dream (a midsummer night’s dream) most concerned about his image. He was most insistent and said to me…‘Let it be known, far and wide, this is me’.

I just wish they (Town Council?) would up the ante.

I just wish they could make it classier.

In my opinion the WGP (world’s greatest playwright) deserves more that the ramshackle affair we have become used to. For instance, the inclusion of so many er, for want of a better word, ‘Amateur’ groups and representatives is fine and long may it last, but they do have a habit of er, again for want of a better word/phrase, lowering the tone. Or should I say keeping things on a ‘certain level’.

I think the days of cardboard birthday cakes and bad street entertainers is over and the time has probably come to hand over organisation to a professional organisation. We need ‘slick’ not ‘sick’.

For a long time now there has been those who have expressed fear that Stratford upon Avon is becoming more and more like a Disneyland. But in all honesty, I see no major sign of that happening. If anything, it’s all going the other way. The decay is setting in.

There are some that say the emergence of The Big Wheel was the beginning of the end but really, it’s out of the way and if you can afford it, it does offer a different perspective to the town.

I think the WGP birthday party is in need of some professionalism.

And I can think of no better occasion than Shakespeare’s birthday. What is presently a pathetic show needs to be handed over to people who specialise in this sort of thing.

For too long now, the WGP has been celebrated half-heartedly with bad costume and music. With the Town Council parading in moth-eaten (you can almost smell the damp) age-old costume, that signifies nothing except their own self-importance.

Let’s be honest, handled properly this could become a Shakespeare’s birthday that the world (not politicians by the way) would want to attend.
I find it very hard to believe that somewhere out there, there is not a company with vision and yes, deep pockets who cannot see the value (and profit) in organising a real celebration of the WGP birthday.


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Author: IanF

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