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The Tudor Society

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Forgive me for making assumptions but I’m guessing that if you follow my website, you might have an interest (however slight) in William Shakespeare or in the theatre (The Royal Shakespeare Theatre), or indeed both. I’m also thinking that because of these interests you might have an interest in all things, Tudor. If I’m correct in my assumptions might I take the liberty of pointing you in the direction of THE TUDOR SOCIETY.

A recent discovery of mine, I have to say been mightily impressed by what The Tudor Society has on offer.

Not only over 250 hours of (weekly) video from experts but a huge selection of digital back issues of the Magazine.

I’ll let the Tudor Society speak for themselves…

‘Whether you’re an experienced historian, a life-long history fan or even if you’re just starting out, you’ll always find something new with your membership. The Tudor Society is a vibrant community of history lovers. It’s not just a website, it has a huge live component where you can chat with other members, and authors and historians’.

At the moment the Tudor Society has a FREE subscription period to allow you to have a good look around and make your own mind up whether you want your relationship to become more permanent, so do take them up on it.

‘I don’t do this sort of thing very often but when I do it’s because I’ve spotted a bargain and a quality website that will peek your interest and take you on a journey that you won’t forget’.

The Stratfordian

Thanks for your point of view. Much appreciated.

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