The Stratfordian. What’s it all about?

Arriving from Bristol, I’ve lived in Stratford upon Avon since 1971. I got married here and all my kids were born here. Over the years I’ve seen the Town change and grow but not improve. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever heard an original idea mooted to improve the town and make the residents lives better. What ‘they’ say now, they were saying in the 1970’s. However, complaints aside, it is still a special place to live and ‘be’. I’m grateful for its appearance in my life even nearly 50 odd (very odd) years later. With this in mind, I therefore claim the right to moan about its polluted streets and its unusual number of restaurants and estate agents. I will probably get over it, one day.

I’ve been writing ‘The Stratfordian’ for some time now (over 100 posts). It’s meant to be a bit of fun, mixed with some serious news and views. The ‘fun’ tends tends to happen when I can’t think of anything to write or am slightly tipsy. Sometimes I make it up. (The lies are pretty easy to spot).

If you disagree with what I write please use the comments to tell me so. I can take it.

Occasionally, I go off on one and make little sense. But that only happens when I’ve had to much to drink or are feeling hard done by. Please, forgive me for that but even better, please comment.

You will also notice some ads. I have made sure that they are genuine. If you should decide to go for them (building or improving your own website etc) I will receive a small payment which will help me pay for the hosting of this site.

Anyway, please make of The Stratfordian what you will. If you want to say something in private to me, email me at

ENJOY…go on, force yourself.

P.S. Sometimes, on a whim, I will change how the site looks (just did actually). Nothing to worry about. That’s just me fiddling.

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