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I just wanted to BIG UP and say how much I admire Stratford upon Avon’s Dominic Skinner (Lib Dems) and ‘The Dominic Skinner approach to politics’.

His recent broadcast on Facebook HERE 

It’s nothing too complicated and as far as I’m concerned,  follows The First Rule of Politics...COMMUNICATION.

[I ought to say here that I am not a Liberal Democrat although I did regretfully, have a brief sojourn into Lib-Dem territory for which I hope I am forgiven. Blame Jeremy not me].

Anyway, his (Mr Skinner’s) approach/presentation to people and politics, works.

It allows anyone, no matter what colour you voted for to take part.  His manner, the way he does it, might even tempt some of those ‘let the Government get on with it – nothing to do with me’ mob out of their cosy Stratford upon Avon armchairs, (but I doubt it).

I must admit to coming away from watching Dominic Skinner’s friendly open to all approach, with a smug smile on my face. I know full well that our present ‘representative of the people’, the almost mute Nadhim Zahawi couldn’t match it if he tried.(Don’t hold your breath).

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