Ten predictions for 2021

Ten predictions for 2021In a year where it’s still too early and unwise to get a tattoo reading ‘I made it to 2021’ and the Number One Christmas Carol was ‘Deck the Halls with Spores of Covid’. I still want to say to my surviving reader, ‘well done’ for coming this far.

I wish I could go further and say ‘have a happy and mask-less New Year’ but I think we all know, even with the miraculous vaccine that this is probably an impossibility (and a good thing?). Anyway, to set us on our way here are…

Ten predictions for 2021.

  1. Brexit will return this land to the black and white of the 1950’s.
  2. Sausage and Mash will become the staple diet and vegetables will once again be limp and lifeless.
  3. Children will not be able to leave the table until they have ‘cleaned their plate’.
  4. We will return to wearing our dead relation’s clothes and there will be an old lady down the road who does the knitting for the whole street.
  5. Mutton will become a thing again.
  6. Outside restaurant/pub Tables and Chairs will retreat indoors marking symbolically the end of our brief flirtation with being European.
  7. Brexit will suck what’s left of goodness from these British Isles.
  8. Expect a rise in Right Wing Jingoism and ‘Johnny Foreigner’ rhetoric.
  9. There will be rationing.
  10. Nadhim Zahawi will be knighted for his work regarding the Vaccine.

This is an update of a previous post.

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