shock the monkeyStratford’s teenagers are playing a dangerous game when using one of the many free-for-use defibrillators for their own amusement’  says Stratford Health Chief, Peter Bandage.

According to Mr Bandage, the latest craze amongst Stratford upon Avon youngsters is called ‘Shock the Monkey’ or ‘Clear’,  the idea being to see who can take the most shocks from a defibrillator.

Mr Bandage told the Stratfordian that…
‘This game is going beyond a joke and it won’t be long before the smell from McDonalds isn’t the only source of flesh, cooking. I would ask Stratford upon Avon teenagers to curb their curiosity as to the effects of electricity and instead imagine their Mother’s face if she had to put cream on a smouldering chest’.

The Stratfordian.


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