Swan on menu at Shakespeare’s birthday celebrations

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020
cooked swan


Local Stratford upon Avon chefs were ‘cock-a-hoop’ today when they received permission from the Queens household to kill a swan and prepare it for this year’s signature dish at Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebrations in April.

Head Chef Manuel Ortega Longbottom, who will be preparing the rarely tasted dish said today…

‘I am over the moon. We really didn’t think that in this day and age we would be allowed to prepare a swan to eat. The truth is people are really getting fed up with the usual pork and beef dishes, a swan will be something a little different. It will tickle the taste buds and with a bit of luck we may have enough feathers left over for a hat for or two. The good thing is, if we are successful with this dish, there are plenty more where it came from’.


One thought on “Swan on menu at Shakespeare’s birthday celebrations

  1. Anonymous

    Henry viii liked swan – probably Shakespeare did too

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