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‘Street Eating’ could be Banned in Stratford upon Avon

Seeing a pedestrian racing by, clutching a cup of coffee or eating a sausage roll may become a rare sight on the streets of Stratford if Town Councillors have their way.

Plans are afoot to ban eating on the streets of Shakespeare’s Town after an unusual number of complaints were received by the Town Council over the summer of this year (2019).

A spokesperson for the Town Council said today that…
‘…many councillors are in agreement with the overall nature of the complaints and have issued the following statement…the sight and sound of someone chewing loudly or slurping from a take-away cup of coffee lowers the tone of the town. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Stratford upon Avon where people can indulge their hunger or thirst. Eating and drinking on the streets is completely unnecessary so we will be looking at a system of fines that will go some way to ending the disgusting habit. For instance, a £5 on the spot fine for drinking coffee seems reasonable. Likewise, the same rate for the consumption of a sausage roll, even more for a pasty’.

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