News from Stratford upon Sewage

More shock and horror in the local newspaper concerning a new type of er…human debris discovered in Stratford upon Sewage.

I say new because it remains unidentifiable insomuch (I’m guessing here) it’s not turd-like. And I say sewage because it brown (and bubbly).

{I actually witnessed this er…substance during a walk around the main sewage outlet once known as the river Avon. Thankfully it wasn’t a throbbing mass as shown in the Herald’s detailed photographs at the time of my witnessing, just a few um…I don’t know – slicks/segments.}

Anyway, cue lots of disappointed wild swimmers (I’d be angry too) but so far, no cholera outbreaks, I suspect that is yet to come along with a few other water-borne diseases.

Interesting to note that Liz Garfield the chief exec of Severn Trent has not always been in the shit but in 2018 actually won awards for her other business…

Well done her. Belated congrats.

Front bottom good.

Back bottom. Not so.

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Author: IanF

Ian is a Stratfordian and quite angry about all sorts of things, Local, National and in fact, everything World-Wide. For the sake of his mental health he has chosen to Vent his Spleen in a blog. He advises YOU dear reader to do the same.

One thought on “News from Stratford upon Sewage”

  1. Great you are highlighting this appalling issue. I think Garfield was given the nonsense award , as there are so many most awards are , for introducing menopause awareness at Severn Trent but perhaps they should focus on sewage awareness.

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