Present Tramway Walk

The Stratfordian can reveal today  new plans to mechanise the popular Tramway walk.

The walk that starts/ends at the Butterfly Farm and starts/ends close to the Waitrose traffic island, runs short of a mile and is considered by some (according to Town Council) as ‘tedious’ and ‘hard work’, has long been designated for an upgrade but many are surprised at the length the newly published plans go.

A spokesperson for the Town Council outlined the proposed changes…

‘Over the years we have had a number of residents complain about the distance they have to cover on foot if they live ‘over the river’. There are two basic routes that the pedestrian can take but to do so requires them to be fit and healthy.

There’s the Banbury road which of course cannot be changed and there is the Tramway which can.

tramway                                                                   Proposed Tramway Walk

Therefore, the present Town Council have decided to mechanise the Tramway route. Two million pounds has been placed to one side whilst feasibility studies take place on the possibility of replacing the long tarmac path with the kind of motorised walkway that have become a common sight at all the world’s major airports.

From what I have seen of the reports from the feasibility body, things are looking good and we would hope to see work sometime in the summer.’


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