Stratford upon Avon’s Town Host Scheme ‘infiltrated by outsiders’

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020
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         Fake Town Host

Stratford’s Town Host Scheme has long been envied as a Tourist Information Service second to none. The idea of having knowledgeable locals as easily identifiable ‘Town Hosts’ always on hand to direct tourists or any new visitors to Stratford upon Avon’s many historic sites, is an idea many have thought,worth copying.

Unfortunately, according to documents recently received in the offices of this public/local organ, there are some destinations in the UK’S rich heritage of historic towns etc, who are jealous and would rather sabotage Stratford’s good work in this area than replicate it. 

These documents show without doubt that the Town Host scheme has been infiltrated over a long period of time, by ne’er-do–wells and people of ill-reputation. Personages,it has to be said, intent on destroying the efficiency and good reputation of the Town Host Scheme.

The anonymous document relates how…

‘Proof has been found of people with no working knowledge of Stratford upon Avon applying for jobs as Town Hosts. Their sole purpose to mis-direct and send inquirers on what can only be called wild-goose chases. This has been found to be intentional. A deliberate attempt to make the town and its officers look foolish.

In the four cases already investigated, it was found that these imposters were placed into positions of trust with a direction to create as much havoc and confusion as possible.

When investigated further (and after dismissal) they were found to have deep connections to town councils in Warwick, York, Wells and Blackpool (?)’

At the time of going to press, the town council were unavailable for comment.


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  1. swharro

    More like a wild swan chase neve mind the goose

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