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I have to say it is a great pleasure to say to those who gave up their own leisure time to visit us here in Stratford over the past few days… Stratford upon Avon welcomes The Immune and their brave efforts to  Take Back Control.

Somebody has to do it.

They swarmed (copyright The Sun) in their droves to the town on all forms of transport (mainly motorbikes?) to give us the pleasure of their company and show us scaredy-cats, that here was nothing to be frightened of as far as a simple unthinking virus was concerned. In fact, such was their determination to help S-on-A one couldn’t help wondering if their sole purpose for arriving in our grateful town was to hunt down Covid 19 at its source. Did these brave, leather clad warriors know something that we didn’t?

Stratford upon Avon welcomes The Immune and their brave efforts to  Take Back Control.

Heroes all. Everyone of them a picture of Great British Health as they mixed with the locals in a positive and defiant show of British Gumption and Dissent. Heads held high and chests puffed out to the full, they most certainly Took Back Control, showing Covid 19 and us residents, just what they thought of it. You could almost hear the virus running for the hills.

As I watched them congregating in small groups, I have to say how proud I felt that here, among ordinary British Citizenry, were a group willing to take the coronavirus full on. No more… to laugh in its face.

Not for them the cowering at home to protect the innocent bystander from the virus deadly effects.

No, their message was clear….’Bring it on – infect me if you dare’.

Fighters everyone. Delivering a message that even this modern plague couldn’t fail to hear…

We’re British and we’re stupid.


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