Stratford upon Avon Closes next week for Spring Clean

By The Stratfordian | March 8, 2020

spring cleanStratford Council are appealing for resident’s help as Shakespeare’s town prepares to close down for a week to allow a Wash ‘n Brush Up and general Spring Clean.

Councillors have requested that any residents in possession of a vacuum cleaner with a long electric cord or indeed any expensive battery model who would be prepared to either loan the machine or do a bit of cleaning themselves to step forward.

A statement from the Town Council states…

‘Owing to Government cut-backs we find ourselves in the unenviable position of asking for help from our local population to clean the town up ready for what we hope will be a busy season.

We are looking for volunteers who wouldn’t mind doing a bit of dusting or hoovering around the town. At the moment,everything is looking a bit grim so any kind of help would be gratefully received. We can’t make any payment for work carried out but will be gifting free entrance to ALL the Shakespeare Properties.

If people could bring their own cleaning materials, we would be eternally grateful.

Areas in particular need of a dust and a polish are most of the statues in town, the toilets in the RSC gardens and Waterside. Also, most of the  signposts, lamp posts plus the Town Hall along with Elisabeth House which both require a deep clean and possible refurbishment.

There is also a requirement that those representing this magnificent town of ours do so in manner appropriate to their standing, so anyone able spend time washing and polishing councillor’s modes of transport, (cars) would be gratefully received and mentioned in dispatches’.



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