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Stratford Herald Celebrates Purchase of Newly Refurbished Typewriter

Happy days are ahead for local paper The Stratford upon Avon Herald as staff gather to celebrate the unveiling of their newly purchased refurbished typewriter.
Editor, reporter, photographer, receptionist and office cleaner Richard Howarth said…

‘…plans were well afoot for tonight’s celebration at the White Swan.
Staff young and old, dead or alive are all welcome at the party at the local hotel to celebrate what has been recognised as another step into the future for the much-loved broadsheet’.

Mr Howarth went on to say he…

‘…sincerely hoped that everyone will recognise this occasion for what it is and bring a sandwich and a bottle’.

Overcome with emotion, longest serving staff member, Ms Dorothy Sage (109) said she…

‘…looks forward in her capacity as Sports Reporter to being the first to be allowed to change the newly refurbished machine’s ribbon when the time comes’.

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