Stratford District Council Leader’s ‘Trumponian’ response to Pedestrianisation

By The Stratfordian | May 15, 2020

Stratford District Council Leader's 'Trumponian' response to PedestrianisationCouncillor Dominic Skinner’s ideas about pedestrianisation (This week’s Herald) in Stratford upon Avon are of course nothing new. The idea that removing traffic from areas where there are a lot of pedestrians is a good and safe thing to do, has been mooted on a number of occasions, certainly since I graced Stratford upon Avon with my presence in 1971. What is new is Stratford District Council Leader’s ‘Trumponian’ response to Pedestrianisation.

District Council leader’s (Cllr Jefferson Thomas?) answer/reply to the Skinner probe comes straight from the President of the USA’S playbook.

It all started so well.

First of all Cllr Skinner serves by stating the obvious. Insomuch that pedestrianisation ‘would allow more people to exercise easily and safely’. (15 Love)

Cllr Jefferson’s serve. He follows suite by stating that ’pedestrianisation is something to be handled very carefully’.

[Duh. Yeah. Obviously, (15 all). No-one wants innocent shoppers run down by motor vehicles that shouldn’t be there. Mister Jefferson is right. Thought does have to go into keeping the motor vehicle and the soft-tissued human being, separate].

So far, so good. Common sense from both parties.

Unfortunately, Cllr Jefferson then goes and spoils it all by stating rather long-windedly, accusing Mr Skinner of…’…a kneejerk reaction may lead to unintended circumstances’. This is where the nonsense begins to creep in.

Hardly ‘knee-jerk’ Mr Jefferson. ‘Knee-jerk’ implies that a suggestion is a sudden and usually un-thought-out reaction to a problem.  As I say above the idea of clearing the roads of cars has been mooted constantly over the years. Even tested.

I remember a pleasant summer in the ‘70’s when roads were closed and the idea of pedestrianisation was actually given a go. (Incidentally, was a report ever issued on that particular trial?) I digress.

Jefferson then decides to dig himself an even deeper ‘Trumponian’ hole by foolishly stating…‘There are, I believe, many illustrations where pedestrianisation has done significant damage to town centres and business’.

‘I believe’ doesn’t cut it Cllr Jefferson.

In this instance Cllr Jefferson, perhaps a little thing like ‘EVIDENCE’ might help to back up your argument.

But it’s not over yet. More nonsense in the Stratford District Council Leader’s ‘Trumponian’ response to Pedestrianisation

’…it is very rare that you can go back (from pedestrianisation) , even if it is a failure’. ?

I may be mistaken here but I seem to remember the 70’s experiment rolling back to traffic fumes over night?

Any road up (see what I did there?) the thing that ties Trump and Jefferson together is of course that old chestnut, the economy. That is, the great separation.

These are the different camps.

Health or the Economy.

Or to put it another way, YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE

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