Stratford dismantled.

Funny old day yesterday. The dark clouds and high wind all adding to a general feeling of foreboding and the ‘end of everything’ (slight exaggeration-but you know what I mean)., especially after the decent weather we’ve been having recently.

Anyway, none of this helped when I saw them dismantling The Big Wheel’.

the big wheel

Although I have no feeling either way about its presence in Stratford, seeing it almost gone, I suddenly felt bereft, empty and very aware of the passing of time and the slow, cold entry into another season. I almost hoped that the rumours I had heard about it (the big wheel) being replaced next year by a giant inflatable copy were just that, rumours.

None of this feeling of doom was helped as I continued my river walk and heard the clang of hammers and spanners coming from the site of the RSC’S outdoor theatre.

the outdoor theatre

Much to my surprise that too looked like it was coming down (unless….no…too much to hope I suppose that the big wheel and the outdoor theatre were merely swapping sites) after such a short time and a lot of money (not taxpayers I believe).

Stratford is going into hibernation which is all a bit weird as we’ve actually only just come out of one (the C word). Winter is coming and the merriment which in truth has only just begun is coming to a sad end.

As I continued my walk back towards old town and my parked car I wondered if work had already begun on packing away Shakespeare’s birthplace, I’ll check later.

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