Simple stupidity

It never fails to amaze me how mired we are in simple stupidity. If stupidity were quicksand, we would be up to our neck in it.

The amount of *Thickness’ that there is in this crazy world is quite frankly amazing, leading one to wonder not only why we are still alive, but how long do we actually have left.

If one were to point fingers at the source, it wouldn’t take a geographical wizard long to aim a twitching and accusing digit at the Capitol of Thick, America. 

There is no denying it. The facts are there for all to see and they keep on coming…

[How mind-boggling for instance, is it to realise that a vastly inferior human (I think) being, and stupendously stupid man called Trump who was once President, is in with another shot at that all-powerful role].

Trump. A man who can barely string two words together. A man who is simply not very clever. A man who cannot make an intelligible speech. A man who is rude, disrespectful and basically a narcistic lump. Every inch a Thicko. And therein is the problem.

Other Thickos understand him. He ‘speaks’ their language and he like them cannot find the UK on a map.

Alongside Trump and another major problem that illuminates America as ‘The Land that Intelligence forgot’, is the dangerous fact that these Thickos have weapons. Weapons of all descriptions. From AA systems in their back yards, to numerous guns stuffed into the straining belts wrapped around their fat guts. Guns that they are quite willing and able to use to defend their ‘right to be thick’.

Guns with which…

They shoot anything that moves.

They shoot anything that doesn’t move.

They shoot strangers (especially black strangers).

They even shoot themselves. (Which when you think about it, is inevitable when thick people have laws that enable them to carry weapons openly).

The Thickness Gene.

FACT: If you couple ‘the Thickness Gene’ with the lack of a proper educational system, there will be no doubt that ‘the brute’ is going to rise to the top of the festering pile.

You would be forgiven that an educational system that includes, gowns (even bright red ones), mortar boards, degree ceremonies and all the other trimmings, give the impression that the population does have in fact, more than one brain cell (between them) and are therefore, worth educating. This however is a ruse and a sham.

Like so much of America life this falsehood is based on the one thing that America is good at. The business of ‘Show’.


Americans can, it has to be said, ‘Put on a show’. But that is all it is. A show. Underneath the noisy, loud, brassy, over-egged exterior is…absolutely nothing. As my mother used to say, ‘Trousers – no knickers’.


To go back a paragraph or two…the very fact that Trump is in with a chance to become ‘President of the World’ (for that is basically what his appointment will mean), although a trouser-filling prospect, shows quite distinctively exactly what Trump has in the palm of his tiny hands, is the business of show. In short, expertise in the delivery of the blatant lie. Show-business.

The thickness is spreading. Of that there is no doubt.

The UK is now rife with corrupt politicians out for themselves and their bank balance. We have MP’S openly using racist language. MP’S engaging in illegal sexual activity. And in general, MP’S scrapping the bottom of the barrel without it would appear any comeback. Above the law and able to represent everyone else except their constituents. They even have their own TV (show-business) station. Able to spread their poison, willy – nilly.

Once there was a time when elections meant a good old-fashioned clean-out. But now, the days when we could rely on ‘the other party’ to rescue us have gone.

For instance, the Socialist party I once supported has been infected and turned into ‘Tory-lite’. An undrinkable and impossible beer, brewed from the water of our shit-infested rivers and served, over-priced and warm from rapidly disappearing public houses. Pubs I might add, where a decent revolution could be planned from.

That hope, the hope of revolution is dimming. Even in that department we have been second-guessed and beaten to the draw. Laws have been passed (or are in the process) that will see us being jailed for shouting and/or blowing raspberries.

There is nothing left. All we can hope for (actually just a matter of time…but Oh Lord, when), is that soon, the thickos in a moment of confusion and deterioration of the brain cell, will turn in on themselves and eat (shoot?) each other.

  • Thickness: A state of stupidity.

Power to the People.

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Author: IanF

Ian is a Stratfordian and quite angry about all sorts of things, Local, National and in fact, everything World-Wide. For the sake of his mental health he has chosen to Vent his Spleen in a blog. He advises YOU dear reader to do the same.

One thought on “Simple stupidity”

  1. Well my old friend I couldn’t have said it better meself. Power to your elbow..
    And the People. X

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