Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations (NOT).

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2024-04-20 | 15:52h
2024-04-20 | 21:40h
Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations (NOT).

My letter to The Stratford upon Avon Herald. (Just in case it is ignored).

Dear sir,
Like many hundreds of people, I was taking photographs of the Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations and all that makes it an enjoyable occasion. In this case I was photographing THE EMPTY DINING TABLES (no diners) through the windows of Luncheon ‘tent’ in the RSC gardens. I was also listening to music (earphones) when I heard muffled voices and suddenly a hand went over my lens.

I reacted by swearing and looked up to find myself confronted by two men in black who informed me I wasn’t allowed to take photographs as ‘this is a private function’. (?)

My first reaction was admittedly shock followed swiftly by anger especially as these men made no attempt to identify themselves (security) and secondly, their nonsenses about it being illegal to take photos in a public place, is just that, nonsense. In this country you are allowed to take photographs in almost any open situation, and I would have thought especially at the Birthday Celebrations.

The point of this letter is of course to register my discomfort that these types of situations seem to be becoming more frequent in our everyday lives. Where so-called security firm’s staff operate having no knowledge of the law. I actually believe that the firms themselves are well informed of the law but prefer to keep their staff in the dark instead using ignorant bullying tactics to achieve what they want.

I am aware my complaint will more than likely be ignored so I would use this space to put in a plea to The RSC and the Birthday Celebrations Committee to climb down off their high horses and put their houses in order. Employ people to ‘police’ your activities with manners and knowledge of the law.

I would like to register a complaint against the security firm who were employed (I guess by the RSC, birthday celebration committee) and ask why their staff were so badly briefed. (Information please).
I would also like to enquire why I appeared to be singled out by these jobsworths as there were other people taking photographs? I could be wrong in my assumptions but there are plenty of us mixed-race people around these days not to cause a stir, surely.



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Author: IanF

Ian is a Stratfordian and quite angry about all sorts of things, Local, National and in fact, everything World-Wide. For the sake of his mental health he has chosen to Vent his Spleen in a blog. He advises YOU dear reader to do the same. View all posts by IanF

I was about to write ‘unbelievable!’ but sadly this kind of nastiness has become so common these days that your experience is indeed thoroughly believable. The amount of racism, phobia in almost all its forms, arrogance and sheer hatred now define what it means to be British.
I feel saddened, ashamed, outraged and yet strangely I find I retain a spark of hope that one day we shall re-learn what I always used to believe (rightly or wrongly) constituted ‘Britishness’: kindness, respect, inclusivity, and that long-lost value some might say was the most important – fairness.


Its becoming like I imagine living in East Berlin was like when the wall was up. Everybody against each other. Untrustworthy. It all feels so bloody awful.

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