the stratfordianI’ve been getting myself into a bit of trouble over at the Creative Performance Protest site here on FaceBook. Understandable I suppose, because rather than condone what I see as a bit of a mild happening,  I have been advocating something a little more er shall we say, …passionate. A more Saving the Theatre not your usual run-of-the-mill protest, protest.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am most certainly not advocating violence. I’ll say that again…(in capitals) ‘I AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE’. However, what I am saying is can we have a little more passion please? You know, like some righteous anger?

There is nothing wrong with anger.

Anger has its place and in my way of thinking, the two words PROTEST & ANGER somehow go together. I also think that as far as Theatres (and all who work in them) and the Acting profession go, there needs to be an injection of more than a little enthusiasm into their protests. I don’t know about you but the way the profession has been treated by those in power in these awful times, has been disgusting.

All I am saying is let the General Public know you are there, protesting.

Remember, a lot of the population could not give a toss about a profession that appears to contribute nothing to the general running of things. A protest by ‘theatre people’ will be looked on by many as a bunch of lovies having a hissy fit. Prove them wrong.

WE know they are wrong.

In my own mind I believe the Theatre and its offshoots are as vital as the NHS. The trouble is the profession has partly because of its own behaviour and historically, been looked down on.

Now, that’s NOW, is the time to shout loudly and from the roof tops. Your usual run-of-the-mill protest is OK if you are campaigning for a relief road, this is something different. The Theatre industry and all that, that entails is in deep danger. SO. Do some proper self-promotion. Loud and Proud. Show the general public just how vital the arts are to their well-being.

With the amount of skills available to this branch of the entertainment industry I cannot believe that the message will be that difficult to get across.

SHOUT do not whisper.

I think the government will have an announcement regarding Theatre soon. Whether it will be enough, I doubt it. This means that there will need to be some re-thinking, re-positioning of what theatre looks like in the future.

I hope that those we look up to now, the leaders, the guiding lights of theatre (no names – no pack drill) will still be available to advise and do not desert (a sinking ship?) the front line.


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