Sandal find begs question: Did Jesus visit Stratford upon Avon?

By The Stratfordian | February 19, 2020

ye old flip flopThe remains of an old sandal fished out of the river Avon by a fisherman having a bad day, has started an argument that could go on and on and on and on…. etc.

Disappointed yet, fascinated by the unusual discovery,  fisherman Roderick Cheek used his own money to have the item carbon dated and was dismayed to find the remains of the sandal was ancient and had its roots in Palestine around the time of Jesus Christ. He was even more surprised when the findings became public and he was contacted by The Right Reverend Timothy Pootling, a retired Priest who now lives in Stratford upon Avon.

The Stratfordian spoke to the Right Rev Pootling (97) about his interest in the artefact…

‘I have always been convinced that Jesus or at the very least one of his disciples visited Stratford upon Avon.  Contrary to popular belief, there has always been an enormous amount of proof most of which I have gathered myself. The discovery of this wondrous sandal just confirms my suspicions. I can now add this footwear to my collection of pebbles, sticks, ancient writings, scrolls, photographs, eye-witness testaments and the dreams I have had.

Everything depends on whether Mr Cheek will sell it to me. I have made an offer, whether or not he accepts it remains to be seen. Speed is of the essence if I am to beat Justin Welby to the punch.

I have plans for a permanent exhibit somewhere in town which by my calculations will knock the spots of the Shakespeare Industry, which in my view has always attempted a coup on God. One only has to look at Holy Trinity which is in fact a temple to Shakespeare. I plan to readdress the balance and with the help of Mr Cheek’s dilapidated sandal and the few bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years bring Christianity back to Stratford.’


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