Radical plan to cut cars and pollution (again).

Radical plan to cut cars and pollution

I can’t tell you how much my heart sank when I saw that old familiar headline regurgitated in The Stratford upon Avon Herald. ‘Radical plan to cut cars and pollution’. For a moment there I thought I had climbed into my highly polluting DeLorean and travelled back in time.

OK the words may not have been the same in the old editions but my first thought was ‘Here we go again’. And I was transported back to the seventies to when I first heard the magic word ‘Pedestrianisation’.

I remembered the experimental closing of High Street and I remembered a hot summer sitting on a bench outside The Garrick getting slowly merry and enjoying the wonderful lack of traffic. Nothing happened.

I remembered the experimental bus (was it electric?) that drove around Stratford promising a clean future for our kids. Nothing happened then either. 

Here we go again. 

This time they’re calling the radical plan to cut cars and pollution, ‘Sweeping Changes’.  Me, I’m calling it ‘Deja Vu’.  Believe it or not there are ‘Plans to dramatically cut carbon emissions’ (in the 70’s we used to call it pollution). And get this…surprise, surprise, there’s even plans (gasp) ‘to reopen the Stratford to Honeybourne railway line’.

Looks like someone’s be trying out those new-fangled ‘Brainstorming sessions’ at the Council House. Either that or they’ve been holding a séance. A communication with past/passed councillors.

It gets worse or better depending on your point of view and patience…

The Herald reports… 

‘Other suggestions include relocating road space to discourage single occupancy car use in favour of public transport …’ (surely they don’t mean…pick up points where people can leave their cars and hop on a bus to be taken into town? Wait….I have an idea. Why not call it ‘Park and Ride’? Brilliant, even if I say so myself.) 

And finally, then there’s this… 

Whether invented by the Council or The Herald, I’m not sure but ‘tis truly a wonderful phrase…

ACTIVE TRAVEL is the key…

I don’t know about ‘Active Travel’ but ‘Time Travel’ certainly exists

My brain hurts.

The Stratfordian.

Radical plan to cut cars and pollution

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