pebworth parsnip
For the first time in one hundred and fifty years, the annual ‘Pebworth Parsnip’ planting party has had to be postponed. Broken-hearted parsnip farmer George Bricke takes up the story…

‘The Pebworth Parsnip, was so called because it was developed in Pebworth in the early 1800’s to give some cheap relief to families who were experiencing a terrible famine at the time.

It were a hardy plant, easy to grow with one large root able to support a family of four for a week.

When the famine finally abated for some unknown reason that still puzzles people today, the plant went on to become a popular delicacy amongst the landed gentry. To cut a long story short, this turn of events was extremely fortunate, enabling the Pebworth growers to become wealthy selling their wares to the upper classes.

So, naturally the Pebworth people celebrated and have been doing so at the beginning of each planting season for a very long time.But that wasn’t all…

One of the by-products of this wonderful business opportunity has been the relationship we have built up sourcing Polish workers through the PPPPPG (Polish Peoples Pickers Planters and Production Group) and their President Josef Pickledwz. The PPPPPG’s workers have been coming over every year since we began the project to assist with the planting and harvest. Indeed, some of them have married local girls and the Village of Pebworth is actually twinned with the Polish village of Boingxzw. In fact, so familiar are our Polish friends with our plant and methods, it’s sometimes known as the ‘Polish Parsnip’.

Unfortunately, due to Brexit and doubts over clearance for Polish workers, this year we are having to postpone our planting party celebration and therefore the harvest, until we know where we stand regarding paperwork etc. We are very disappointed. Pebworth is a very small village where not a lot goes on and we were really looking forward to letting our hair down’.


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