Now I get it…Why Turkeys Vote for Christmas.

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now but have only just stopped laughing.

Anyway, this is a picture from ‘The Style Book’ (*cough) in The Observer a couple of Sundays ago.

And it is Thanks to this amazing picture that I have had an epiphany. I now know where we are going, it explains everything. I am no longer a soul lost in the wilderness. I finally ‘get’  why Trump, Brexit, all the idiot politicians and social commentators home and abroad have taken over the world.

I now understand why we have so-called ex-pats voting for the ending of freedom of movement and their own downfall. I Understand now and at last, why so many Turkeys voted for Christmas. It’s not just them, it’s all of us.

We’re all fucking mad…

It all finally makes sense…and here was me, worried…tush.


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