New Code of Conduct issued by The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

By | 17th October 2019

An effort to stop the use of bad language at the RSC has not been received well by some employees.

The theatre recently told employees that there was far too much swearing and cursing from staff members, some of it falling within the earshot of shocked customers, (some of whom were believed to be American and Christian). A spokesman for the theatre explained the move…

‘We of course recognise there has always been a tradition of ‘bad language’ in the theatre. Indeed some of our past employees were celebrated for their frequent tongue-lashings. I think in particular of the late, great Cis Berry and the very loud, Brian Blessed. In fact, in acknowledgment of Cis’ commitment to the RSC and to honour her memory we have decided not to ban swearing totally. As long it is done in the spirit of Shakespeare.

So, for example instead of the term ‘M*****F****r’ we would now expect, ‘Villain, I have done thy mother’ (Titus Andronicus). Or, perhaps we could replace the well-used ‘C**t’ with, and this is just a suggestion, ‘Away, you three-inch fool!’ (The taming of the Shrew). If the staff who disagree with this new edict were only to reflect on their ongoing employment they would see that the possibilities are endless’.

Sean Shifter a representative from The Stage Crew told the Stratfordian that on the whole the backstage department were very disappointed…

‘Colourful language is the way we communicate, but above all it is, like homosexuality, traditional in our workplace. The thought of walking into a theatre where the air is not blue is a fucking anathema to me and all the other bastard members of staff. What the fuckers in Head Office are thinking is beyond me’.

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