New bypass to cut through Centre of Town

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020

Town and County Planners were at a loss today to explain why plans for the new Stratford upon Avon bypass showed the major road passing through the centre of town.

Head planner Arthur P. Pusher told the Stratfordian that the panic and shock were completely unwarranted as ‘things on paper (blueprint) tend to look completely different than they do in real life’.

He went on to say…

‘…that although the plans appear to show the project cutting in at least a third of the way down Bridge Street this is a problem easily solved by the use of Traffic Lights. A solution that has been used in Stratford Town with great success’.

He also noted…

‘…that, because he had not been personally involved in the drawing up of the plans, the apparent route deserved more investigation as the route shown could quite easily be a typo or even a crease in the paper’.


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