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Nadhim Zahawi’s Voting record

Nadhim Zahawi's Voting record, Nadhim Zahawi’s Voting record, After noting that Stratford upon Avon’s MP Nadhim Zahawi had as expected, voted against upholding British Agricultural Food Standards. I found myself wondering yet again, why do people keep voting this man in? Have any of his followers actually checked out Nadhim Zahawi’s voting record? And if they have, why is Stratford upon Avon so full of people who seem to disregard the evidence. After all, bad government is bad government no matter what party is in power.

Although I’m a lefty I like to think that if a Labour Government were in power and they were getting it so badly wrong, I would have the sense to vote them out the next time the opportunity arose. Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t appear to apply to my home town and the old adage ‘A pig with a blue rosette would get voted in, in Stratford upon Avon’, rings true.

Sadly, described as ‘a safe seat’ Tories know that they can, (I believe the term is ‘Parachute’ ) put anyone up as a candidate in S on A and he or she will get in. Which is exactly what happened to Mr Zahawi.  I actually think that, that is nothing to be proud of and in fact quite shaming for the population who live here. What are Tory voters so afraid of? And why so silent about this man’s voting record?

Why would anyone vote for a man who votes against British Farming Standards?

Why would any decent person vote for a man who voted against forcing homes to be made fit to live in?

I have a theory.

Is it possible that because Stratford upon Avon is regarded a retirement town, that a majority of (what should I call them), traditionalists’ (?) exist, who still believe that one should not question our leaders? That anyone in authority should not be questioned as to the motives behind their decisions? That they, know best?

I hate to single out *the aged because I’m one of them myself but who else would be so stuck in their ways to allow their MP a will of his own that includes a blatant lack of ethics and good will to those less well off than themselves.

[*The thought has occurred to me that it might not be the old but the young who are to blame for Zahawi’s ‘success’ but I don’t even want to go there as it would signal definitely that we are indeed ‘in the end days’ and the end of the world is nigh].

I am baffled. Please, if someone can enlighten me…?

Most of us know wrong from right so how is it such a voting record going apparently unnoticed by Zahawi’s disciples?

Where is the dissenting voice?

Do people really not give a monkeys?


Thanks for your point of view. Much appreciated.

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