Being Nadhim Zahawi

The Stratfordian
Portrait By Richard Townshend

As one of Mr Nadhim Zahawi’s constituents (although I admit not a Tory voter), I have to say how disgusted I am to his nodding dog attitude to everything the PM says or perhaps more importantly, does.

Always in agreement or should I say obedience he has never offered one doubtful word on what seeps out from Number 10. The man does not appear to have a mind of his own.

I live in Stratford upon Avon so it’s a given that we have a Tory MP and I accept that, although it hurts greatly. However, if I am to be represented in Parliament by someone I didn’t vote for I would at the very least hope that the person whose job that is (even a Tory), would show some character, backbone and perhaps more importantly, a personality that proved more than sponge-like.
I understand that Mr Zahawi was ‘parachuted’ into S-on-A’s Tory-safety-zone without opposition but that surely does not give him permission to be on permanent stand-by. He could for the sake of reality pretend to be a fighting MP. One concerned with the well-being of his constituents.
After all his constituents come in all flavours and he should attempt to address that even if it’s an act.
Instead what we get is a nodding dog, Johnson’s pet poodle who finds it in his heart to disagree with nothing. It’s almost as if he’s waiting for the knighthood to drop from the sky.
I actually think that he did a decent job as Vaccination minister (wash my mouth out with soap and water) but as Member of Parliament for Stratford upon Avon he is more than useless.

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