My plays.

I do not think a play is ever finished, especially my plays.  They are always open to numerous interpretations with the writer’s view not always the most important or the one that makes the most sense.

That is not to say that each performance by different casts and directors does not stand on its own, it’s just that each performance by a unique set of people says something different and sometimes something completely unexpected. There is much to be mined from a lot of words.

What follows is a selection of my stage plays. Some have been performed, some crashed during rehearsal, and some have never been raced or rallied. Make of them what you will.

If you are interested in giving them life or resurrecting them, please get in touch. or ring 07565328434.

I’m going to be releasing my plays one by one as its been so long since I have read them through. I’m checking them over to see if they still have the reasoning behind them that they had when I wrote them.

The first one is ‘The big pink ones’. A play about mental health, its consequences for those who suffer from bad mental health and the reaction from those who are supposedly ‘well’.

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The Big Pink Ones


This is ‘The return of Harold Hardy’.

This is my attempt at a play that discusses racial matters. As a mixed race man I wanted to be free to show things as I feel they truly are. That black people are equal in all. You will see what I mean when you read it. I’ve set it in America because the Americans are up front about their particular hatreds. Unfortunately, here in the UK people are dishonest, crafty and follow trends. Speaking as a person of colour I’m sick to death of the hypocrisy that is rampant.

Anyway, see what you think…

The return of Harold Hardy

Brown Bread.

A play about celebrity.

Mentally deteriorating ex gangster Henry Salmon lives out what’s left of his life in the
middle-of-nowhere in the company of his frustrated and angry daughter Thelma. Convinced
that figures from his lurid past are out to seek revenge for his crimes, Henry lives in a dark
world of his own making, that begins to disintegrate the moment a stranger arrives ‘to do the



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