For Stratford upon Avon Tailors ‘Megavissey & Snodgrass’, 2019 was a relief. 

In fact, says Head Cutter and Joint Owner Wolverine Snodgrass (86)…‘2019 was the decade our bacon was saved’.

2019 was the year that Stratford upon Avon men upped themselves in the fashion stakes and took to wearing that old Elizabethan stalwart, the Doublet and Hose.

Mr Snodgrass went on to say…

‘Megavissey & Snodgrass have been around since the year dot and somehow have managed to survive. Unfortunately, the call for Elizabethan fashion went into a bit of a slump in the 1960’s and we’ve been just about surviving since then with odd sale of a ruff, thick tights even a cod-piece now and again.

ooo matron
from Megavissey & Snodgrass 2019/20 Catalogue

Suddenly last summer, a young man entered our premises and ordered a complete set of doublet and hose and we haven’t looked back since. The doublet and hose have become quite the thing in Stratford upon Avon with a large number of the young population parading up and down the High Street every Saturday morning resplendent in ‘Megavissey & Snodgrass’ creations. It makes me and if old Mr Megavissey were still alive, very proud’.

All images from Megavissey & Snodgrass 2019/20 Catalogue

doublet and hose


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