Open Message to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre: Cut your cloth and Make Do

I have to admit that I wasn’t that surprised to hear that The Royal Shakespeare Theatre has added £175,000 to its coffers.

I’m not surprised for a number of reasons including the one that as the name suggests, The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, has friends in high places.

I’m not surprised because that’s what institutions do. That’s what they are there for. To exist. Without question.

They are like mountains. They are there. And without them we are told, ‘the sky would fall in’. Unfortunately, we believe it.

The Great Swallower of Monies has been ‘awarded’ £175, 000 to er…up-grade their lighting.

Now forgive me for my assumptions, but I would have thought that such an upgrade is not that urgent.

One would have thought that a theatre/edifice/mountain of such standing already has lighting of quite a high standard. That said lighting would be more than a flickering bulb and a bathroom pull switch.

That this already expensive lighting would actually not be at the point of breaking down. They are after all,the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and one presumes that what they already have in terms of lights etc, still actually works and would be more than a few candles and a box of matches.

There is also the fact that I have heard no rumours, stories or accounts of bulbs bursting, of plays being plunged into accidental darkness. I have not heard of (sober – ah those were the days) actors falling off the edge of a poorly lit stage.

My point is this…

ONE: These are Hard Times for Everyone.

 TWO: There is a Cost-of-Living Crisis.

So, what I don’t understand is why the Royal Shakespeare Theatre isn’t doing what everyone else with their head screwed on is doing in times like this and…MAKING DO.

Instead of swallowing up (I have it from a good source that the RST gets one Third of the entire budget for static theatres. Leaving 199 other theatres fighting for the scraps), the Lion’s share, why not do what everyone else in the country is doing and

MAKE. Fucking. DO.

Let’s be honest here…

Do they really need new lighting?

Do they really need new up to the minute lighting desks so they can (as they say) continue to train fresh lighting technicians? (Old trick: Mention ‘Training & Education’ and the money flows in).

Of course they don’t.

Just pull yourselves together Royal Shakespeare Theatre climb down from your High Horse and…


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Author: IanF

Ian is a Stratfordian and quite angry about all sorts of things, Local, National and in fact, everything World-Wide. For the sake of his mental health he has chosen to Vent his Spleen in a blog. He advises YOU dear reader to do the same.

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