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About Lockdown

lockdown,covid,covid 19, About Lockdown, The truth about Lockdown is that it makes time move differently.

Now I admit I wouldn’t win a competition where the winner has to guess what day of the week it is, (even if the prize were a speedboat), but since lockdown my brain has become more addled than usual, so even this basic ‘skill’ is beyond me.

It shows itself in other ways too.

For example, I was surprised to find out yesterday that I have only three children. I could have sworn that there was another one called Kevin. When I was informed otherwise it came, as I’m sure you can imagine, as a bit of a shock as I had, on a regular basis been buying birthday/Christmas presents. I of course, blame Lockdown. My thought processes are messed up and as my mother used to say, ‘I don’t know whether I am coming or going’. (Which for my mother was a disaster as she was an explorer).

As I have made quite clear, I put these examples of what I believe they call brain-fade, down to Lockdown. I cannot think of anything that has had such a momentous effect on our lives like LD has (I am so angry with it, I can’t bring myself to give it its full name, so LD it will be from now on) and I’m a 60’s survivor. I’m sure if my mum were alive today, she would agree, although probably substituting ‘The War’ for ‘The 60’s’.

LD is enough to make grown men cry.

I know because I have seen them. And when I say ‘them’, I mean him.  My friend Arnold Belcher is a grown man and I have witnessed him reduced to tears on many occasions. It is not a pleasant sight. One doesn’t expect an experienced Digger of Trenches and Pole Erector like Arnold to break down so easily. But there it is.

What was even worse for the poor man was the accidental revelation that he has and uses on these tearful occasions, an embroidered pink handkerchief to wipe away the tears. Although, a gift from his mother and NOT an actual purchase by this large and hairy man, it is going to take a long time for the embarrassment to die away. So, you see, LD works in many mysterious and cruel ways.

My wife (at least I think she is my wife) is a medical person (humans) and knows about these things.

She tells me that Covid 19 will never go away. She says the Village Idiot who is presently in charge of America’s affairs (or at least what is left of them) is wrong when he says the virus will just disappear. My wife says, ‘Far from it President Dumbo. We will have to learn to live with it. Like we live with the flu’, which she informs me is part of the same Covid Family.

At this point I admit I was flabbergasted.

To think that such a dangerous Virus has a family (but then again, so did Hitler). What a hateful tribe they must be. Uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters etc all out to cause as much destruction as possible (as did Hitler. Coincidence or Conspiracy? Discuss).

When this is all over, I just hope they get a fair trial, but I doubt it. I cannot see the Justice system finding 12 good men and true anywhere to sit on that jury, can you?

Anyway, the best we can do is soldier on. We can do this and although some of us will not survive, what we do is for the common good. Wear your mask. Stay at home. Try to stay healthy and above all think positively. Take up a new pastime. Collect leaves or even empty snail shells. My pressed flower collection is growing every day.

Thanks for your point of view. Much appreciated.

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