Local Villages Mimicking Universe says Scientist

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020

According to scientist and author (LSD: A Micro-tab a day Keeps the Doctor Away. Faber & Faber) Dr Toby Brain, ‘…villages around Stratford upon Avon are moving away from the town at a rate of six inches a year’.

‘This is exactly what is happening to the universe we live in at the moment, although obviously at a greater speed and there is no explanation for that either’, said Doctor Brain when the Stratfordian met him at his cottage in Pebworth to discuss his claim.

‘I can’t give you any clear answer’ the Doctor went on. ‘All I can tell you is the effects are beginning to show. It is taking me a good 3 minutes longer than it did a number of years ago to walk back from my local public house and it will only get worse, mark my words’.

Asked if anything can be done, Doctor Brain told the Stratfordian…’I have submitted the results of my research to the scientific community in London and await their reply’.




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