Sharp-eyed tourist and observant residents were rewarded today by a confession by RSC architects Legolian McKanno that there was indeed a ‘lean factor’ built into the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s Tower.

A spokesman for the Architects admitted today that the…
‘…numerous letters, phone calls and emails that we received on a daily basis, pointing out a lean in the tower were correct. Legolian McKanno’s policy up until now was to always ignore such messages until such time RSC management chose to come clean about its (the lean) purpose. We are pleased to be able to announce that we are at last, with agreement of the RSC management and board  able to add some meat and potato’s to what was becoming ‘the leaning tower conspiracy theory’.

A Statement from The Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

‘We are pleased to be able to announce and confirm that the Royal Shakespeare Tower was indeed built with a lean to one side. It was decided some years before construction, that as time passed and interest in the work of William Shakespeare faded, further encouragement to RSC tourism might be needed. A plan was mooted in those early days to research ways of putting the RSC on a par with some of the world’s leading attractions. In this particular case ‘The Leaning Tower of Pisa’. The management are pleased to announce that plans to advertise the RSC Tower as ‘leaning’ are near completion and the necessary brochures, website additions and hand-made models are leaving printers and factories as we speak. We sincerely hope that these plans will lead to a more prosperous and exciting Stratford upon Avon’.


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