‘Kunene and the King’ with Anthony Sher and John Kani.

anthony sher and John KaniEver since (as a stagehand) I helped Anthony Sher up onto his wooden horse in Dick the Shit (Richard III) he has been my favourite stage actor. However, and this I admit is weird, I don’t know what it is he does to make him so. It’s a mystery, and I like it that way. And here he is again doing whatever it is he does, in ‘Kunene and the King’ a fantastically enjoyable play written by the other member of                                                                                 the two man show, John Kani.

At first glance (and isn’t that always the most important one) a simple story about a Carer (Kani) and a dying famous actor (Sher), it cleverly weaves in Shakespeare’s ‘Lear’ a role that Sher’s actor prepares for but (spoiler-alert) never gets to perform.

I will never make a good reviewer of the Arts especially the theatre. When I get to see a good play, it is a waste of time me trying to dissect it into its relevant good parts. For me ‘a good play’ (I’m lucky that way) is something I never finish with. A ‘good play’, stays with me for weeks, every now and then allowing me a new discovery, a sudden eureka moment to savour and reflect on. And so, it is with ‘Kunene and the King’. It made me laugh and it made me cry and that is the best I can say. Except of course, Sher as usual, baffling me with his stupendous and mysterious talent.

For a highly entertaining evening I order you to go and see this brilliant production.

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