Irish stowaway from Stratford upon Avon discovered on board International Space Station

By | 4th February 2020

NASA control are reporting the discovery of a stowaway on board the International Space Station currently orbiting the earth.

Reports are sketchy at the moment but The Stratfordian has learnt from anonymous sources that the stowaway is described as…

‘…an Irishman who as far as we can ascertain, has a permanent home in Stratford            upon Avon’

Reports suggest he was...

”…found on the Space Station in the cupboard where they keep the biscuits, the crew alerted by the soft singing of traditional folk music.’

Crew members have reportedly restrained him while waiting for the next re-supply ship to return him to earth.

Sources go on to say that the man, identity so far unknown, appears to have survived only because…

 ‘It would appear that at some stage, he may have received specialist training’

Check back to The Stratfordian for further updates as we receive them.

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