How Stratford upon Avon should look when this is all over

By The Stratfordian | May 12, 2020

the stratfordian

I’m sure that during the time we have spent under Lockdown, most of us have come to a variety of conclusions on how Stratford upon Avon should look when this is all over. And (I bet) the vast majority have all lingered on one thing.

For me, and I know quite a few others our main concern has been on the quality of the air we breathe. Who hasn’t been pleasantly surprised by the healthy supply of untainted oxygen that has been achieved in just a few weeks by the absence of traffic on Stratford’s roads?

Personally, I’m shocked at what we allowed ourselves to become. Soup-dwellers is the best word I can think of to describe us before the plague.

Of course, the answer to a longer (certainly healthier lifestyle) has been in front of us all the time. And, although there was always that ‘concern’, it tended (except by the die-hards) to get pushed into the background. Basically, because it didn’t feel like we were dying slowly. Now, we know otherwise. Are we really going to ignore the inevitable question that our dire situation has thrown up , how can we not ask, ‘how Stratford upon Avon should look when this is all over’ ?

Take me, idiot that I am.

I was under the mistaken and arrogant impression that I was something of an environmentalist. Instead, I am a bloody fool. Like everyone else, (like the sheep I dismiss below), existing in a man-made soup that kills. Most of the time wearing rose-coloured glasses that only now and then got steamed up. . Talk about ‘wood for the trees’. Suicide. Talk about ‘the blind leading the blind’. Twat. Idiot. etc, etc…

So, we know what we have to do don’t we?

First of all. We need to stop ignoring the problem.  Second. We also ignore the collaborators and the traitors who don’t want to rock the boat and want an easy life for a number of reasons. Usually it’s about money but lately I’ve noticed rather a lot of citizens who complain because er…people are complaining. The sheep won’t save us. We have to do it ourselves. Even if it forming  the dreaded committee. We have to work together on this. The truth is it’s up to us and the people we vote into power.


Simple. WE MUST cut down on the amount of traffic that comes into Stratford upon Avon. And to do that we need some (preferably) new ideas. Ideas that leave the majority of the traffic outside the town. Let’s put our heads together and THINK.

It’s surely not beyond the imagination of us citizens of this little beauty of a town to come up with something. A solution that will save lives and make our general existence much more pleasurable and dare I say it…LUXURIOUS (come on, we’re so lucky. We live in Stratford upon Avon).

So there you have it. More words…action needed…if not for ‘us’ then the kids and those who are going to die early because of our lack of imagination and selfishness.