HMP Debenhams?

By The Stratfordian | April 22, 2020

HMP Debenhams?Stratford upon Avon Councillors are refusing to confirm or deny rumours that a top security prison is to be built on the site of the recently vacated Debenhams store in the heart of the town. Residents are asking the question, HMP Debenhams? Is it possible?

Questioned by the Stratfordian on whether or not there was even the slightest possibility that Stratford upon Avon could seriously consider such a proposition, Henry Posit senior spokesman for the County Council said…

‘At the moment I can neither confirm or, deny the rumours, so I would ask the people speculating on such an idea to consider the fact that most of Her Majesty’s Prisons are situated in pristine countryside. A countryside that is slowly but surely reducing in size. They should be asking themselves whether or not our green and pleasant countryside can take another prison. I would also ask them to think about the damaging effect another prison would have on fox hunting and grouse shooting.

If such a building were to be considered for the centre of Stratford, perhaps it would be no bad thing. There are plenty of hotels springing up all over town and there are no great outpouring of anger over that. Might I remind people that a prison is just another form of hotel. The only difference being that its guests are naughty people as opposed to businessmen and holiday makers.’


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