a radish
A Radish

Radish picker Stanislav Wzxedizmith was just finishing his shift in Stratford upon Avon’s world renowned radish fields when, taking a moment to stretch his aching back he spotted a giraffe foraging in the hedgerows that surrounded his personal working space. 

‘I was amazed at seeing this exotic creature. Such a beautiful beast. It must have been at least 9/10 feet tall and I’m sure it was constructing a nest. At first I thought that perhaps the animal was a British speciality, like the Badger or Mr Fox, so I was even more amazed when my Gang-master informed me that the Giraffe was not indigenous to the British of Isles. At first I was quite scared but then Mr Giles the farmer I work for, arrived with his shot gun and killed the beast. 

He told us during our 5 min break that there was a reward for the capture of the animal although I do not think Mr Giles will get it as I’m sure they wanted it alive’.


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