I got the free speech

and I know my rights

I can pick my nose

at the traffic lights.

I got the free speech

and necessary tools

I fly the flag from high

’cause Great Britain rules.

I got the free speech

after ten pints of beer

what you see is Pride my friend

and I don’t mean nothing queer.



I come well equipped

with a flask and the wife

Both recent graduates

from the University of Life

The wife was highly recommended

for shouting and the way that she cursed

I’m very proud of the both of them

’cause the flask got a First.


I got the free speech

and Hitler he was right

we should ban the blacks my friend

’cause inger-land should be white.

I got the free speech

As I stick out my chest

you can see it bursting through

the holes in my vest.

I’m so very full of it

and I do my bit

but sometimes it’s quite difficult

when you’re so full of shit.

the stratfordian